Parking Barriers

As a approved installer for faac products the market leader in parking and gate automation we are able to supply and install parking systems and barriers to suit your requirements, the following equipement can be supplied and installed giving the client cost effective and secure site management.

Automatic Doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, Folding Doors, Low Energy Doors, Shop Front Doors, Aluminium Doors, Frameless Doors, Curtain Walling, Manual Doors, Industrial Doors, Commercial Doors, Automatic access doors, automated sliding doors, Swinging doors, automatic doors, automatic sliding doors, revolving doors 640 automatic barrier

• The 640 range of barriers is ideal for the traffic control in areas with particularly demanding use.

• The beam length ranges from 4 to 7 metres and bottom skirts can be fitted.

• A top and bottom skirt arrangement is available for beams up to 5 metres in length.

• The 624 BLD control board has surface mount technology with a 2 digit display and 3 programming buttons. This allows simple setting of the operational parameters and enables the selection of a wide range of logic functions including a customised logic. A standard setting allows for a pair of barriers to work simultaneously.

• Perfectly calibrated stopping thanks to the adjustable electronic brake that slows down closing and opening movement.

The control board activates a cooling fan when necessary allowing the barrier to be operated continuously.


PARAGON car park system is the new generation system with more flexibility and features than previous BCM.

PARAGON system allows the management of entry/exit lanes, the control and automatic fee collection for modern car parks and It also updates the occupancy status in real time.

Parklite ticker reader

The equipment was designed to read tickets with a 22 character interleaved 2/5 barcode, issued by the Parklite ticket dispensers installed on the area entry lanes, or by the Parklite decentralised cash desks, as substitute tickets.

Parklite ticket dispenser

The Parklite ticket dispenser was designed to manage the entrance lane of a parking area. This function can be performed by the equipment in different ways, stand alone, slaved to another “master” unit, or slaved to the parklite management software


Our bollards made to be impact resistant ensuring they will be able to do the job for which they are meant; our city bollards are a metal cylinder with a piston mechanism. Bollards are used to inhibit access and therefore maintain security.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic bollards work by using an access control device to activate a hydraulic system in the foundation housing; our automatic bollards have increased impact resistance due to increased security needs.

Pneumatic Bollards

Pneumatic bollards are used in areas where rapid deployment of barriers is essential, such as high traffic applications such as city bus lines where other vehicles are prohibited. Pneumatic bollards quickly retract when activated allowing access, then are deployed again using the pneumatic system.


• FAAC City is a metal cylinder with a piston mechanism enabling it to be raised and lowered by command.

• These bollards are highly resistant to impact and atmospheric agents. They are housed inside compartments set into road surfaces and control traffic and/or parking.

• There are 2 versions for different applications.

• This version doesn’t require any electronic control equipment or electrical setups. The bollard is actually raised/lowered by a gas piston fitted inside (the piston raises it, but a manual thrust is necessary to lower it)

• It manages transit and/or parking without high costs and without the need for an electrical supply. In fact, thanks to the single-acting gas actuator, automatic manual lifting with the aid of a key is possible.

• This type of bollard should be used when access is restricted, or be combined with the automatic version of  FAAC City.

J Series bollard

New bollard from FAAC…

K series bollard

• Anti-terrorism bollard

• designed to meet high requirements dictated by security problems

• It can be used in applications to build protective barriers or to allow access to particulary sensitive zones.

• A vehicle impact against the cylinder of the K275 H700 bollard can produce two types of deformation: one elastic and one permanent

Pneumatic bollard

• Bollards 220mm in diameter available in automatic, semi-automatic and fixed versions

• It is suitable for residential and light commercial use

• The device has a double effect pneumatic activation, with an external drive station.

• Semi-automatic versions should be used when accesses are limited or combined with the automatic version. Due to the single effect gas actuator, liefting occurs automatically with a key, whereas lowering is achieved by slight foot pressure on the head of the concealed unit.

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