Automatic Sliding Doors

Exterior automatic sliding doors are the preferred option for many businesses  when it comes to choosing automatic glass doors from a specialist company. They provide a low cost, effective and attractive entrance to any building.

We can manufacture  the automatic glass sliding set and frames to include the shopfront or curtained walled sections and manufacture with the specific sliding mechanism chosen for opening to your unique requirements. We supply and install several different brands and types of automatic glass sliding doors and are able to give impartial advice to deliver the equipment that suits the exterior design and safety specifications of each client.

All our engineers are factory trained to offer the very best service we believe to be available. Whether or not it is an existing glass exterior door set that requires automating we are able to offer impartial advice and take the following specific requirements into consideration for the entrance specification.

  • Low cost initial installations: when costs are priority we can advise on which operating mechanism would be most economical yet still conform to the safety and service requirements.
  • Energy efficient systems: these are state of the art automatic products and have detectors that control when the doors needs to open and when they should not. These sensors constantly monitor the movement of pedestrian traffic to eliminate the constant opening of automatic sliding doors as people walk past or close to the entrance. This type of system is also fitted with energy monitors that show savings in both costs and CO2 levels.
  • Low profile operators: when a small profile automatic operator is required to add un-obtrusive lines to enhance the exterior features.
  • Heavy and large door sashes: when the sliding doors are large, have considerable weight or are subject to extreme conditions, whether it is heat or cold.
  • High volume pedestrian traffic: where there is a large footfall of people passing through e.g. in hospitals and schools.

Midland Automated Doors Ltd are a specialist automatic sliding door company that supply and exterior fit to hospitals, schools and surgeries. We are the preferred supplier company to several councils. We also supply and service many small businesses around the UK. If it is an operator only that is required installing to a existing or new door set, we can supply, powder coat and install anywhere in the UK within 72 hrs. If it is a complete aluminum, automatic sliding door set with operator that is required we can design, fabricate and install within 3 weeks to anywhere in the UK.


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