Automatic Shutters

Midland Automated Doors Ltd supply and Install several types of roller shutters from high security galvanized steel to aluminum louvered lightweight shutters. We can supply different types of drives and give advice on the best combination of shutter and shopfront configuration for your business

Highly versatile and cost effective, all doors are individually designed to suit specific opening requirements and are suitable for a vast range of domestic, commercial, retail and industrial uses.

•  Wide range of curtain types to suit all needs.
•  Easily incorporated into existing structure.
•  Can be fitted internally or externally to maximise available space.
•  Low maintenance.
•  Economically repaired.
•  Comply with new European regulations.

Drive options

•  Push up / pull down.
•  Hand chain, through single or double reduction gearing.
•  Electrical operation via a range of drives.
•  Available with an extensive range of control options, varying from a simple push button or keyswitch, right up to full remote/automatic operation with a range of safety options.

Curtain types

3” curved steel laths.
2” flat steel laths
85mm insulated. 

Steel brickbond grille.


Seceuro Shield 3800
Seceuro Vision 3800
Heavy duty 89mm sections.
Aluminum Brickbond Grille

Bottom Rail

The base of the curtain is fitted with an inverted galvanized or aluminum ‘T’ section.

Side Guides

Formed from galvanized mild steel or aluminum channel sections, secured to the opening structure by continuous galvanized steel or aluminum angles.

Roller Assembly

Constructed from mild steel tube, laser cut mild steel spools and machined bright steel shafts.
Running in self lubricating pedestal bearing block/safety brake (anti fall back device – where necessary).


The roller assembly is supported by mild steel / aluminum endplates with mounting angles for fixing to the support structure.

Coil Casing

Optional extra – Formed from galvanized pressed sheet metal to enclose the rear of the shutter barrel and curtain assembly.

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